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Enhance your CXO process, build your independent knowledge base and engage your colleagues in CXO with MetaDimensions.

Always put the customer first!

We believe that an optimal customer experience is
the best driver for profit and future growth

The foundation of your CXO decisions

Solid research is the foundation of your CXO program. But valuable information and insights on customer behaviour is scattered throughout the organisation. MetaDimensions enables your CXO team to bring all information, data, documents, reports and insights from different departments and angles together. This empowers your CXO team to draft better hypotheses and run high impact experiments.

Great ideas and first things first

Anyone can have a great test ideas. But if this idea only resides in your colleagues head, it might well be only remembered as a missed opportunity. MetaDimensions offers ideation at scale, easy, fun and fast to do. Our built in and customizable prioritisation models will help you to focus on the ideas that matter most to your customers.

Get the value of your CXO

There is value in all experiments, even if they don’t increase your profits, there is benefit in them. Because value also lies in avoiding implementing ineffective modifications. This is all part of gathering insights about your customers’ preferences. With MetaDimensions the value of CXO is easy to get. And easy to share as well.

Your consolidated CXO knowledge base

With every experiment you learn more about your customers and their preferences. However it is challenging to keep track of all the tests done and the related learnings. After all the true value of your CXO program only pays off if the insights are stored, easy to find and easy to share. This is exactly what MetaDimensions does. Our platform enables you to build deep customer insights over time and make them easy accessible. Your customer’s preferences will change, that’s a fact, but having a consolidated CXO knowledge base with all insights about their behaviour will sure support you to be ready for the now and the future.

Engage your colleagues in CXO


Knowledge is power, knowledge about your customer is super power. MetaDimensions lets you scale up ideation and engages your colleagues your CXO program in a fun and rewarding way. This will help to create and extend a culture of experimentation and will also help to achieve your goals faster. After all, creating super power is a team effort!

Who uses MetaDimensions?


Companies who want to take their CXO program to the next level, build their independent consolidated CXO knowledge base and want to spread the CXO word in their organisations.


With MetaDimensions you can offer better CXO services to your customers. Our platform enables you to improve results and store, find and share all CXO knowledge easily.

What our users say

MetaDimensions is an excellent tool to elevate our site optimization to a higher level. Colleagues who are distanced from our site are more involved because of MetaDimensions. All learnings and activities concerning site optimization in one platform is highly efficient and inspiring. Though it is frustrating that I rarely win a competition 🙂

Walter Boer, Formule Manager, Proteq Dier & Zorg

A/B testing has proven its value at Centraal Beheer. Thanks to MetaDimensions we secure the results of our tests in the knowledge base, and we can easily share all learnings with our internal organization.”

Robert de Loor, A/B testing lead, Centraal Beheer