We just went live with a completely new version 2.0! There’s a bunch of new features, but we’ve listed the most important ones for you down here. I personally helped realize this update as it is my first public addition to MetaDimensions. Most of the front-end code was refactored, meaning we’re now running on AngularJS 1.6.6 and using Angular Material as our main framework. For you, this means our app is as smooth as ever and we’ll continue adding more features from now on.


Brand new UI

More knowledge in less time

New data views

Manage your CRO workflow hassle-free with instant results

New UI

Fully responsive

Responsive design that feels right on any screen

Lightning fast

Enhanced search capabilities with incredibly fast performance


Connect your favorite tools

Use data from your favorite tools:
Sitespect, Optimizely, VWO, JIRA and Trello, so you can build your knowledgebase independently