In December 2018 VWO and ConversionXL published “The 2018 state of the Conversion Optimisation report”. The report shares some very interesting insights from general trends in testing and salaries for CRO experts to characteristics of the optimizer and his most important struggles.

This last subject, the biggest struggles for CXO experts, is something that was quite surprising to me. Obviously not the fact that CXO experts have struggles, but the type of struggles was not what I had expected. According to the survey 50% of the pain is in these 6 struggles:

  1. Establishing a process
  2. Learning/training
  3. Educating clients
  4. Proving ROI
  5. Time and budget constraints
  6. Integrating CRO into the business

As many optimizers would agree, the outcome of a testing program is only as good as its process. A structured CXO process helps to achieve consistent long term results. And still this is the hardest challenge. CRO has been around for over a decade now but it seems that many organisations are having a hard time getting the fundamentals right.

To me the first two struggles are the core challenges, if you get those right, the other challenges will be solved as a result of a well defined process and structural storage of CXO learnings and insights. If your process is right and you build up your CXO knowledge base, it will be a lot easier to share insights and educate clients and colleagues. Over time you gather more learnings and your results will improve. This makes it easier to prove ROI. If the money flows in, time and budget constraints will be relieved. More CXO experts will join which will make it easier to integrate CRO into the business.

This might sound as an interesting theory but with some data to back it up would make the thesis more credible. So we ran a meta analysis of the achievements of MetaDimensions users. The graphs below show that users of our platform structurally increase the success rate and the average uplift per experiment.

Most respondents of the VWO ConversionXL survey run 2 to 20 experiments per month. Annually this means 24 to 240 experiments. Even with a small scale testing program it is hard to remember at the end of the year what your learnings were in Q1. So start building your CXO library. The set up will take some time but this one time struggle will take away the pain of the other, more persistent struggles.