Being customer centric has regained popularity over the past few years. Many companies have learned this the hard way: if you don’t put your customers first, it will erode future profits and growth. So more and more organisations are convinced that a good customer experience is the best driver for growth.

For that reason Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) has become a vital part of business strategy. After all CXO helps to understand what customers really want. Based on a data driven test program, your gut feeling gets validated and the test ideas that best meets customer expectations will be implemented. Goodbye friction, hello customer satisfaction (and additional revenue off course).

The difference between direct data and indirect data

Generating sufficient relevant test ideas is the first step. This is often referred to as the ideation phase. For data driven CXO team, the available data is obviously the starting point. Both direct and indirect data are considered.

Direct dataIndirect data
Web analyticsBest practices
Heat mapsScientific research
Results of past experimentsCXO blogs / webinars
Usability researchWebsites of competitors / third parties
Persona analysis

Human creativity in the CXO process

Data is extremely valuable but has its limitations as well. Data always reflects the current situation. Data doesn’t tell what knowledge or customer insights you are missing. For that reason human creativity should always be part of the ideation process. A common way for CXO experts is to organise brainstorm sessions or workshops in order to get human creativity in the ideation mix.

Direct dataIndirect dataHuman creativity
Web analyticsBest practicesBrainstorm
Heat mapsScientific researchWorkshop
Results of past experimentsCXO blogs / webinars
Usability researchWebsites of competitors / third parties
Persona analysis

Data combines with human creativity is a wonderful combination. However this approach is also limited. First: There will always be time and budget restrictions. How many co-workers can you invite to participate in a brainstorm or workshop after all. Secondly: what is the relevance of the input? If customer centricity is an important subject in your company, how many participants of your workshop are in touch with customers on a day to day basis?

Ideation at scale

In order to facilitate the ideation process, MetaDimensions has developed a Chrome plugin. This plugin will enable you to generate relevant test ideas at scale and store them automatically in the MetaDimensions platform. The plugin can be used to capture both direct data (like heatmaps or persona analysis) and indirect data such as information from competitors or industry best practices.

Ideation with MetaDimensions Chrome plugin

The true power of the Chrome plugin comes alive when it is available to colleagues that are in touch with customers on a daily basis. Call center agents, people that take reservations or the web care team receive suggestions (and complaints) every day. This is extremely valuable input that will help you to improve the customer experience. The CXO team can prioritize and follow up wit direct implementation (in case of a bug) or an experiment to validate the idea.

The Chrome plugin is available for free for MetaDimensions users. Download the plugin at the Chrome Web Store: