Customer Experience Optimisation can be really rewarding. After all the hard work of investigating customer behaviour, drafting a hypothesis that challenges the status quo, running the test, analysing results and than seeing that one of the variants generates tremendous value feels like winning a golden Olympic medal. 

You hand your over your stuff to the IT department and they implement the change like it was any other implementation, just some changes in the code and that’s it. Most of your colleagues probably will never even notice the change. And that is the end of your glory moment. Isn’t that sad? Well, yes. And it also is unnecessary.

To involve and inform the organisation, many CXO teams share case studies during team presentations or they hang posters about the experiment in their corner of the office. But let’s face it: when was the last time you stopped for a poster? This is a missed opportunity because sharing the insights of the CXO program can lead to new test ideas, new insights and most importantly it avoids double work. 

So you need scale, something your colleagues are already using  and it needs to be interactive. Email could be a good option, many companies send information about their A/B tests via the email address. Sometimes it is static or a PDF file is attached with a presentation of the results of the CXO program. In other cases the email contains a quiz like template where users actually can guess the winning variant. This is of course the better option. 

Many organisations rely more and more on chat programs like Slack for internal communication. It is easy to use, more direct and feels more personal. So getting your colleagues involved, the chat platform might be the best option. Especially if you present the information as an interactive CXO challenge. Which variant won? If you follow up with the insights why the winning variant won, you will share the the CXO fun with your colleagues and might even extend your CXO glory moment.

Interactive CXO quiz in Slack