Always research before you test. Solid research will make your CXO more effective. In studies you can cluster your research from different angles around the topics that are most relevant to you so you can take the right decisions for your CXO program.


Ideation at scale

Generate test ideas at scale with our Chrome plugin. It is easy and fun to do. Ideas are stored automatically as observations in MetaDimensions. This feature is especially powerful when it is available to customer facing teams.

CXO Dashboard

See the value of your CXO program in our dashboards. Customise your dashboard and include the KPI-s your program focuses on. Convincing stakeholders has never been easier.

Knowledge base

Build your own experiment library in MetaDimensions. Safely store all your CXO data and testing insights in one tool-agnostic platform.

Challenge your colleagues

Involve your organization with the engaging A/B test competition feature. Invite colleagues via slack (or mail) to challenge each other in A versus B test challenges. CXO is fun!